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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] drotek 10dof v2 imu

From: Chris
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] drotek 10dof v2 imu
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 08:01:41 +0300
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Hi Felix i think it is working fine now :-)
Here are some RAW sample values and since the "x" axis only remain the same
and all other are reversed in my setup, the recorded values look correct.
Also note that i removed all my definitions about the sensitivity and let the default values
defined in the driver files.
I think that it should be noted that if you follow this orientation the imu must be positioned
with the ICs facing down including the barometer.

axis           my driver(+-16g)        new driver(+-8g)

ax                      -63                             -128
ay                        20                              -41
az                    -1964                           3909

gp                       22                               44
gq                       14                              -30
gr                        -6                                12

mx                   -206                            -204
my                      90                              -86
mz                     399                           -397


On 06/20/2013 10:00 PM, address@hidden wrote:
Would be great if you could test again and check the scale as well as the
axes assignment.

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