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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] What the meaning of "STABILIZATION_ATTITUDE" secti

From: Kadir ÇİMENCİ
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] What the meaning of "STABILIZATION_ATTITUDE" section in XML configure file
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 16:48:39 +0300

Hi ,
you can also check

I don't think you need to tune REF_* parameters for the first step, they are for the reference generator and the defaults are usually OK in my opinion, unless you have an extraordinary frame. I believe you will be fine with adjusting PID s.


2014-07-02 15:49 GMT+03:00 Eltonwu <address@hidden>:
Thank you very much.

Do you have any PID (feedback gains PGAIN,DGAIN ,IGAIN,especailly
feedforward gains DDGAIN )tuning method?  Could you please tell me some? I
have no idea for tuning the parameters.

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