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[Paparazzi-devel] Baro ms5611

From: Helge Walle
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Baro ms5611
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 16:08:22 +0100


Please see attached images. Screenshot_1.png showing 10s and Screenchot_2.png showing 0.6ms from the logic analyzer.

As part of trying to get two ms5611's working at the same time with my Twog, I first wanted to get the baro on my Drotek 10dof v2 working. I placed the defines for the baro in the airframe file, as stated in the wiki. After this, the imu worked fine, but I got no data from the baro.

I had a closer look at this, with these results:
- Connected the logic analyzer, but saw only imu messages. There was one for the baro however, see below.
- Removed the defines for the imu, to look specifically for baro messages.
- Now the analyzer showed only one single sequence of communication with the baro; after 1.5s<t<2.0s. See screenshots. After that the i2c bus was silent.
- Had a closer look at the specific sequence, which showed Twog connecting to the baro, getting an ACK, one new message and ACK, then nothing more. There are two "spikes" in the communication sequence, which look strange to me.
- Connected a standalone ms5611 baro instead of the Drotek imu, and got the same results.
- Defined and connected a bmp085 baro to the line, this worked just fine.

I use v5.4. I also tried with v5.2 but could not see any difference.
I need to look into the ms5611 driver later anyway, but would be grateful for any input on this.
BTW the Twog has a rather low i2c frequency at 37.5kHz, but I think this should not be a problem (?)


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