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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: Eagletree Airspeed V3 on KroozSD

From: Pascal Fust
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: Eagletree Airspeed V3 on KroozSD
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 17:43:15 +0200

Hi Sergey,

thanks for your help. I added LED toggle on the 3rd LED, as you mentioned, within the i2c3 section of the i2c_arch.c. It blinks as expected. Although I defined a delay in the start-up of the airspeed sensor, the LED starts blinking right away. Is this the correct behaviour ?

Best regards,

2015-07-07 20:04 GMT+02:00 Sergey Krukowski <address@hidden>:
Hi Pascal!

Looks like there is smth wrong with I2C bus for the ETS.
First of all I would check if the I2C driver reset the bus because of hang up.
Try to add led toggling there (in case of I2C3 bus):

If the yellow led doesn't blink, it would mean smth is wrong with the startup sequence.

Best Regards,


although several entries have been written in this forum on this topic, I
am still struggelling in getting the ETS-sensor to run repeatedly on I2C3
on my KroozSD. The sensor simply states a constant zero-value after a
power-up without an upload of the firmware. Straight after a firmware
upload, I'm getting acceptable values in the message toolbox. Even applying
the delay as suggested with up to 4 secs didn't solve my problem.
One thing I noted in the message tool: when everything works fine (just
after the firmware upload), I got two "folders" in the telemetry section -
the AIRSPEED and the ETS_AIRSPEED. However, after a subsequent power-up,
the ETS_AIRSPEED don't appear anymore.
What am I doing wrong here?

The Wiki states a different parametrizing of the ETS, if not connected to
the I2C0. Since the KroozSD has no I2C0, I selected the I2C3. Where is the
reason for an adaptation of the scales and offsets if connected
differently, and what values will I need to apply on the I2C3?

My complete firmware file is attached, but the ETS section looks as follows:

   <load name="airspeed_ets.xml">
       <define name="AIRSPEED_ETS_I2C_DEV" value="i2c3"/>
       <define name="AIRSPEED_ETS_START_DELAY" value="1"/>
       <define name="USE_AIRSPEED_ETS" value="TRUE"/>
       <define name="AIRSPEED_ETS_SCALE"   value="1.8"/>
       <define name="AIRSPEED_ETS_OFFSET"  value="0"/>
       <define name="AIRSPEED_ETS_SYNC_SEND"/>

  <firmware name="fixedwing">
    <target name="ap" board="krooz_sd">
       <configure name="FLASH_MODE" value="DFU"/>
    <target name="sim" board="pc"/>
      <define name="USE_I2C3"/>
      <define name="USE_AIRSPEED"/>

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Pascal

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