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From: David Conger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Re : PAPARAZZI UAV ON PIXHAWK TEASER
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 13:46:55 -0800

Interesting, I just read the DIY posts.
My first reaction though is not a surprise. Ardupilot people are
easily upset and predominately Americans who are easily upset. As an
American who has traveled extensively I see it very clearly now.

Having met the TUDelft people personally I know they would have no
intention of posting anything in a way to upset anyone. I'm taken back
really the depths the mob came out to burn the orig. poster at the
stake for the well intended but badly translated message.

I have been burned many times at the stake by the same mob over the
years since 2007. The posts that were not deleted off DIYDrones site
remain on site. Anything critical, even implied via the
reader not writer, is attacked with venom. Just their way. I don't
judge them as bad I only know you must handle them with extreme care.

I will say, even offer, that English is my first language and I have
been at this since 2007 watching and interacting with all the major
players online. I know this group well from personal experiences. On
RCGroups from the very top of 3DR and DIY they monitor the threads and
redirect all new posters over to DIY websites where the content is
strictly controlled to be pro Ardupilot and 3DR.

If the mob had turned against DIY or 3DR the thread would be quickly
closed, content removed/edited. There's a long history of that there.
It is why I really hesitate to go there or post there. RCGroups is a
much friendlier place to have non-3DR non-Ardupilot related discussion
but just expect the usual redirection posts saying to go to DIYDrones
site by those monitoring and wanting more business driven over to
there. It gets hostile there also but it's a lot better than DIY.

The bigger question to be asked I think is why do we continue to want
the blessing of DIY? By every measure I think matters Paparazzi
Project is a huge global success. So why would something so obviously
successful on every measure other than financial to go there to
interact with them? I encourage everyone in the developer's list to
realize this success requires no affirmation from that mob. The only
place financial success is glorified is in America and nothing
reinforces that like what you see happen in that post. There is a
saying, belief in America that the only truly sacred thing is someones
financial position. Never attack someones paycheck or ability to grow
theirs. When an American feels that threatened look out.

Why do I write this?  Well, same reason I am still here. Why I still
would hand solder Paparazzi hardware in quantities of 1,2,3 or so for
zero profit. Because I do not need affirmation from anyone it's the
right thing to do or that I'm a success measured in dollars. I feel
very successful to still offer myself and Paparazzi hardware to anyone
even if they only want a single one. PPZUAV (my company) is
self-funded and always will be. Sure, once a long time ago there was
that window of opportunity before DIY corporation was born but I have
no regrets keeping PPZUAV completely under my control and financially
independent. I have zero debt. I always have, personally and the

I want never at any time to make choices aimed only at financial gain
or ego. I see the mess it causes and how financial success is an empty
path unless it is found by accident or as a secondary unintended
consequence of just being very good at what you do. Meaning to be
financially successful simply by doing what is correct and right
morally and for the planet is a very good thing and I endorse it
completely. However, to have a company created only to make a profit
is a difficult path with much peril for those who walk it. I make no
condemnation of anyone doing it.

In my eyes the core that started Paparazzi is still alive as a
separate thing that has no consideration for monetary gain. Everyone
who does Paparazzi should have another source of income to keep this
separation. Paparazzi by just existing still after all these years is
the truest form of affirmation. I really encourage all involved to
think hard about real success and focus on encouraging each other and
helping each other because no one from 3DR or DIY will ever seem to
change. I just had a friend tell me they read in WIred Magazine that a
person we all know claims they invented the drone not
Al Gore but you're getting warm. ;)

The best way to grow Paparazzi is to continue doing what you do and
know that success matters in what you do not what you say or how much
profit you make doing it. This is to me a wonderful chance to stop and
look at each other, smile and be happy we have each other and look to
so many more years of success in research, sciences, and thing that
matter for the planet that needs us more than ever right now. Do not
seek anything from DIY crowd as it's an empty path to join or be a
part of something that measures success purely as units sold and
dollars made.

On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 9:28 AM, address@hidden
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Strange post. Seems to come from Delft, did someone get into contact with
> them? If we make a global reply, you can add my name to the signing if
> needed. Unfortunately I don't have much internet access time.
> Gautier
> Envoyé depuis mon mobile Orange
> ----- Reply message -----
> De : "Alexandre Bustico" <address@hidden>
> Pour : "Paparazzi UAV devel list" <address@hidden>
> Objet : [Paparazzi-devel] PAPARAZZI UAV ON PIXHAWK TEASER
> Date : mer., mars 2, 2016 15:43
> Le 02/03/2016 15:38, Felix Ruess a écrit :
> Definitely not endorsed by myself...
> It really shouldn't say "The Paparazzi dev team" as it doesn't reflect the
> view of every dev member/contributor, certainly not mine!
> On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 3:24 PM, Martin Mueller <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Nice to see support for Pixhawk
>> But why advertise it so aggressively, almost dumb? Who wrote that, why
>> does it
>> say "The Paparazzi dev team"?
>> _
> Probably written after to many hours or days without sleeping, giving some
> excuse to the one who post.
> Anyway, we probably, as a team, apologize for this aggressive post which
> deserve us...
> --
> Alexandre
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