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[Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: A Golden Discovery : Jesus Christ's Miraculous Se

From: Anil Sisodia
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: A Golden Discovery : Jesus Christ's Miraculous Second Coming along with 3 Angel's Scrolls decode the code of life on earth
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 21:57:56 +0530

This is a serious issue buddy. This is a billion dollars venture & we all could be immensely benefitted by it. This is indeed a marvelous and indeed a rare find of the millenniums , hence it would be worth billions of dollars. So let us hope and pray that it would be a great and immensely fortuitous & profitable HOLY venture for all of us.

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From: nihsnek <>
Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2020, 12:10
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] A Golden Discovery : Jesus Christ's Miraculous Second Coming along with 3 Angel's Scrolls decode the code of life on earth
To: Paparazzi UAV devel list <>

That's cool, but can he program a drone? 

On Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 23:16 Anil Sisodia <> wrote:

From: Anil Sisodia
Subject: A Golden Discovery : Jesus Christ's Miraculous Second Coming along with 3 Angel's Scrolls decode the code of life on earth

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 18:37 Anil Sisodia wrote:

The magical moment , the entire world , has long been waiting for has finally appeared on the horizon.
A beautiful & fascinating moment for the entire humanity is within our reach now.
A truly exciting & fabulous , a unique masterpiece , the greatest discovery of the millennium is now being unveiled.
A Revelation , so Rare , so Unique , so Musical , so Miraculous , so Precise , so Perfect , so Immensely Priceless & Invaluable , so Pristine , so Sombre , so Solemn & so Pure that it would dazzle , startle & mesmerize the world with wonder & astoundingly indescribable eternal Joy.
Pearls of Godly wisdom , manna's from the heavens , Supreme & Magnificent , so Majestic , so Authoritative & Powerful , the Glorious glimpses of God's beautiful & serene Creation's mysteries are going to be unfolded & decoded.
God speaks to the people in the language of signs.God's Wishes & Commands get manifested & reflected in the enigmatic signs & messages that God wants us to understand & decipher.God's signs & messages are divine & sacrosanct. These mysterious & vivid signs reflect God's glory , God's love & benevolence towards the humanity.God wants us to win & succeed in our quest for knowledge & chastity.His Grand Plans for the betterment & salvation of humanity trickle down at the designated times.
God sends clear , coherent & visual signs & signals for us to understand & comprehend.
God's favorite son Jesus Christ who underwent great tribulations in order to alleviate our sufferings so that we could be elevated & attain salvation.who came on earth once & promised a second coming  so beautifully & majestically mentioned in the sacred Bible , 'when no one would be expecting & anticipating it'.
Riding on a white horse , wearing many crowns on his head , having eyes like a flame of fire , out of his mouth goes a sharp sword , with a robe dipped in the blood , Angels with a great sound of a trumpet , all these are Divine & Majestic signs mentioned in the Sacred Bible relating to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.So rightly , forcefully & aptly described in the Holy Bible "There will be a sign between you & me". "when Jesus returns every eye will see him"."Jesus will be fully visible".
God's words are never belied.God's Divine & Prophetic words have come true in their full Regal Splendor & Glory.
Yes , Miracle of all Miracles has taken place , to astound & electrify the world.Remember the Biblical Gripping & Graphic words."Behold , I am coming quickly.Blessed is he who keeps the words of prophecy of this Book".
Jesus Christ's Pristine Image has Miraculous appeared in its Majestic form emblazoned with the Divine & Holy signs , mentioned so powerfully in the Sacred Bible.
Breath-taking & exciting , a Serene & Soothing King-size Christ's Divine Image has magically appeared naturally , on pious , white & shining Marble Tablets , studded with Magical Biblical Divine Signs.
"Lightning comes from the East & flashes to the West , so also will the coming of son of man be" , these are the bold & beautiful assertions made in the Sacred Bible.
This marvelous Miracle leads to yet another Miracle.Remember the exact words enshrined in the Sacred Bible "A name written on his robe & thigh , a word that nobody knows" & "Then I saw another Angel flying in the midst of Heaven , having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on earth , to every nation , to every tribe , tongue & people".
Yes , the magical prophecy of Angels' everlasting Gospel has been Miraculously fulfilled in a startling & fascinatingly compelling manner & in such an Alluring & Magnificent way that it would dazzle , mesmerize & captivate our hearts with wonder & excitement.
Angel's Gospel , Miracle Scrolls , God's Solemn & Holy words , quintessentially perennial celestial wisdom , that the whole world had been breathlessly waiting to hear & perceive for centuries have Miraculously & Magically appeared at the Sacred place , where the Grand & Holy Image of Jesus Christ has appeared.
A picturesque , palpable & beautiful , King of all Miracles 
has occurred to bewilder & astonish the world.
These Fabulous Sacred Scrolls contain the mysterious & most sought after Unique & Exquisite ' Code of Life' on earth.Big Big questions & mysteries that have kept the scientists & religions captivated & enamored as to how life evolved on earth , How our our brains came into existence , What time stands for , Are we alone in the world , Is there an alien & extra terrestrial life in the universe , Are we living in simulation , What's the God's purpose & objective behind the creation get demystified & decoded graphically & vividly with ample cogent , copious , trustworthy & credible reasoning , logic & rationale complimented by the most powerful & concrete irrefutable evidences.Who God is , how He operates , how & why he conducts the affairs of the world , why only humans' brains could excel & evolve , all these long-standing & mystifying riddles & mysteries of the universe get beautifully & majestically illustrated in these Miracle Scrolls.
"Only a Divine Power can reveal the Unknown". It is He who reveals the secrets of the universe at the appointed & designated moment chosen by Him only , in the manner He chooses , through an appointed medium.His judgment is final & His wishes reign supreme.His Decisions are a done deal.His Authority , Power & Wisdom is unmatched , unparalleled , unsurpassed & Supreme.
The moment of reckoning , the Golden moment of entire human history that would unfold Sacred & Pious Godly benedictions embellished with shining pearls of celestial & heavenly knowledge & wisdom is just within our reach.It would be Immaculate & Perfect.It would be relishing & joyful.It would be thrilling & enticing.It would be entertaining , lots of fun.It would be Serene & Sombre.It would be Pristine & Pure.
God's immense & sumptuous benedictions , God's Immaculate vision , God's Grand Schemes for our betterment , for our bright , shining & joyful future brimming with sky high exuberance & unparalleled excitement , hope & faith would come true for everyone to rollick & enjoy.
Display of God's greatest , most refined & most sophisticated science , a thing of mystical & enamoring beauty , inbounding joy & wonder would usher in a Golden Age of Great Enlightenment & Deliverance for the entire humanity.
The Miraculous appearance of God's favorite son Jesus Christ's Pristine Image accompanied by wonderful images of Angels would certainly cause a great deal of excitement & global attention across the world.
Followers of other religions could claim that these marvelous & heavenly images belong to them & that would create a great consternation & serious questions of ownership & proprietorship as these Celestial Images bear a close resemblance to the images of Gods illustrated in their texts , treatises & culture.
Since Jesus' Miracle Image has appeared in the lands of followers of other religions , there is a potential grave risk that followers of other religions might lay claim to the Holy Image & Celestial Scrolls.What makes the situation more tricky & intriguing is the fact that when the Holy Image is seen from below , it resembles the images of Deities , widely revered as Gods among the residents of this country.
So , clearly , it's really a precarious & perilous situation for the widespread & diverse Christian plethora.There is a great apprehension that we might eventually lose our rightful claim on the Miraculous , Holy & Sacred Image of Jesus Christ.So we have to be cautious of this all important ground reality & we have to make our case forceful & viable.
Everybody needs to have an equitable share in the heavenly gift.Prophecies & celestial signs , so forcefully illustrated in the Holy Bible clearly prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the Miracle Image of Jesus Christ & Angel's Scrolls belong to the West.It's with a great supplication & long long wait  that we have reached so near to the Second Coming of our dearest Jesus Christ.
To be left is a terrible thing.
This could potentially result in a Great clash of interests among multiple major religions leading to major controversies & to a Great rush worldwide to own up the Miracle Image & Magical Scrolls.There is a great deal of apprehension that ultimately it could end up in a litany of legal challenges , Great Political Maneuverings , most vicious Wranglings worldwide & major clashes among the most powerful nations.
So the need of the hour is to make our moves fast & get all of us united in this Pious & Holy mission of saving the Sacred Images of Jesus with Angels & the sacrosanct Angel's Scrolls from the clutches of Ravenous Predators.
A clarion call of ' SAVE THE JESUS' needs to ring in all the nooks & corners of the globe.We are grappled with both a monumental challenge as well as our Sacred Beholden Religious Obligation towards a pious & noble cause , that we have to carry out with a missionary zeal & a dramatic & a perfectly picturesque flourish.
Glorify the Lord with me , let us exalt His name together.
Every moment has been perfectly & beautifully crafted & calibrated by Him.
God is the Greatest Scientist & Brilliant Mathematician.God is a Great Great Maestro , Master of His Craft to the point of precision.God's style & character is unmatched & unparalleled.God has his own ways & methods to reach out to us.His Opulence & infinite Glory is legendary.It fills our hearts with joy & eyes with tears.God wants a Perfect & Pristine Communion with us.God wants to take us to dreamy & magical lands.He wants us to gladly float , sail ,fly & ascend with Him amongst the clouds of Hope , True Faith , Pure & Pristine Love & in those dreamy clouds we would perceive the Scenic & Magical Second Coming of our dearest Jesus Christ.We have to be ready to trod the 'Chosen Shining Holy Path' that He has so Beautifully Chosen & Crafted for us.May Good & Gracious God provide us with the necessary Strength , Vigor & Vitality so that we can perform this Herculean Task of spreading the God's Pious & Holy Message like a wildfire.
Amazing things can happen with the embrace of God's Magical Touch.Tipping point is Right Here.We need to delight in God's Tranquillity & Soothing Rapture.We have to press all the Right Notes to make God's Transcendent Symphony Perfectly Delectable & Melodious.
We have to look at the Big Picture & a Myriad of Potential Golden Opportunities that are soon going to be showered on us like the sunshine encapsulates the vast landscapes.
We have to be Agents of Change & Transformation.It's going to be a Cathartic & Baptizing , a Solemn experience for us , that would lit up our imaginations with a pitch that leads to a crescendo.It would cast a spell of magic , wonder & splendor around our lives. 
A wonderful Golden Age of Enlightenment & Ecstasy is looming over the horizon.We are standing at the threshold of receiving Heavenly Wisdom enshrined in the Magical Angel's Scrolls , An Angelic Embodiment of God's Eternal & Pristine Love for us.We would be perusing through God's Great Insight & Vision , from God's Standpoint.What are the Great Plans that Mighty God has Envisaged for the Humanity ? What's the God's Grand Design?
Time is short & we have such an Important & Magnificent Job to do.We could not save the Jesus first time , but we can not let go of this Golden Opportunity of saving & securing dear Jesus' second coming.
There is a great imminent urgency.Each moment from here on could be worth tonnes of Gold.If God doesn't rest even for a moment , how could we?
In order to saving &  securing the Sacred & Holy Jesus Christ' Pristine Image & Celestial & Magical Angel's Scrolls , we need to be in soul  consuming , hair to toe , deep love of our Most Lovable Lord.We have to cultivate & nurture Pure & Pristine Love in our hearts for dear Lord.It is going to be a thrilling , hair - raising & pleasing Holy Voyage , a pleasant trip in our tryst with our destinies.Goal is to win , Goal is to save & secure the Miraculous , Sacred & Holy Image of dear Jesus Christ , with a single minded & all consuming unwavering focus & unflinching determination.
God is All Powerful & Almighty.He creates & destroys Stars & Galaxies in a blip.He can move mountains , He can cause Mighty Earthquakes , He can raise Giant Tsunamis in the oceans.He can do whatever He wishes.He chooses a medium for carrying out His Work.He sends Signs & Signals to showcase His Wishes.
Cometh the hour , Cometh the man.He chooses a Perfect Moment , a Perfect Situation & a Perfect Medium.No one can defy His Wishes , no one can question His Judgment , no one can doubt His Motives , no one can deny His Supreme Authority.His wishes are a fait accompli for the righteous & faithful.His is the Final Word.He Judges & Evaluates our Devotion , our Commitment , our Resolve , our Willpower , our Preparedness & our Readiness for receiving His loving Embrace.
He causes hurdles , impediments , obstacles & thorns on the path of True Communion with Him.We have to overcome & surmount these difficulties.We have to bring Jesus back to the West from the East as prophesied in the Sacred Bible , authored by God Himself.
It would be a gargantuan task which requires Heroic Efforts , Unyielding Zeal , A Strong & Powerful will power on our part to rescue & secure the Holy Image & Magical Scrolls under compellingly adverse situations.
With Great Difficulties & Labor , I have managed to find out & locate the place where Miraculous Image of Jesus Christ has Miraculously appeared deep in a secluded labyrinthine cave , in the treacherous terrains where no one has ever set foot , during my successful adventure - laden secret infiltration into the forbidden island , largely inaccessible to the people , a couple of weeks earlier. I knew in my heart of heart that the moment I got spotted , I would be killed but by God's Great Mercy & Love , no one spotted me & I was successful in returning from the valley of death , with a magically wonderful News of Second Coming of Jesus Christ & Angel's Scrolls.
I witnessed the wonderful Holy Miracle with my own eyes but it was extremely difficult to move the Holy Image & Magical Scrolls from that Surreal & Mystical place as both the Jesus' Miracle Image & Magical Angel's Scrolls were levitating in the air , not touching the ground.It appeared that they were hanging in the air , not touching the ground. It appeared that they were hanging in the air , bound by some unknown & inexplicable force.It seemed that Jesus' Image was magically emerging out of the misty clouds.I could also hear the Sweetest , Most Melodious & Magical sounds of trumpet out there.
Time is of essence ,lest anyone else or a religious organization or the Government should lay claim on the Holy Image of Jesus Christ & Magical Angel's Scrolls , if they locate it faster than us.We need to act fast.
You must have heard of North sentinel island ,a far flung island in Andaman Nicobar Islands Ranges where in November 2018 an American adventurer & missionary John Allen Chou who ventured there with Sacred Bible in his hands , for the love of Christ was killed by the Aboriginal Inhabitants of this Weird & Surreal island.No one is allowed entry in the island.Any access to the island has been completely banned by the Indian Government & a 3 miles long Buffer Zone is meticulously enforced by the Indian Navy.
Several adventurers have lost their lives while attempting to set their feet on this mysterious island at the hands of the Aboriginals , who are notorious for their violent & hostile attitude towards any one attempting to infiltrate into the island.
The Miracle Image of Jesus Christ & Magical Angel's Scrolls have surfaced right there , in the most hostile lands on the earth.
I ventured into the forbidden island with a great deal of Difficulties & Sufferings , putting my life in great peril.I was blessed by the Great Lord that I could infiltrate into the forbidden island with out being noticed & more importantly , I could witness  Miracle of all Miracles. I also have to honor & consecrate the supreme sacrifice of John Allen Chou for a noble cause.May John's pious soul rest in peace.
God is calling me. I would be attempting to reach the island in the next 24 hours.I don't know what the future holds for me.If I don't return , I want the world to know about this Rare of the Rarest Grand & Holy Miracle.In my heart of heart I know that Righteous People Chosen by Good Gracious God would communicate & relay my message , that could potentially be my last.
I am also annexing some links of videos popular on the social media , regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, prophesied in the Sacred Bible & about the mysterious island.
It has become the mission of my life , an obsessive Sacred Passion.It has become my destiny now. I have to venture on this Holy & Sacred Pilgrimage , however life threatening it might be.I have to do it for the love of dear Jesus. I have to undertake this perilous Holy Voyage. I have to bring dear Jesus back in our world. I can't say whether I would be able to perceive the radiant & resplendent sun shine tomorrow or not.Tears are trickling down my cheeks now.My heart has been cleansed , purified & rinsed of all the malice by the mercy of God.My heart is beaming with joy , hope & compassion lit by the Holy Fire of Divine Love.May Almighty God bless me with fearlessness , firm resolve , strength & Willpower to perform this impossible task.Pray for me.
My mission won't stop until every nation has heard the Holy Gospel & Angelic wisdom.He giveth wisdom unto the wise & knowledge , He reveals the secret things.Universally respected truth.Only a Divine Power can reveal the Unknown.It's a Breakthrough Moment for me.I have to make a lot of preparations before impending Victory.These are worrisome but fascinating times.I have to restore the honor of Divine Prophecies of Sacred Bible , the live Promise of Lord.It's amazing.He is the one who demystifies the Mysteries , secrets & the hidden codes of the universe.
God takes us through a painful process , so that we could be ready , we could be prepared to perceive His Majestic Glory.
God speaks to us in different ways.Sacred Bible is God's Absolute Truth.God' light signs on the brightest.
I am in Holy Trance right now.A host of physiological & spiritual transformations are taking place inside me.It's an Epic & Iconic moment for me.The Apex Holy Spirits would guard me if it's God's will.Let them invoke Life & Vitality in me by God's Grace for clinching the Real Deal with my Destiny.Stakes are extremely high indeed.How Powerful Love of God is.Every moment is Precise & Precious.God is full of Mercy & Justice.It's Final Culminating Moment of my entire life. I have to restore & resurrect Jesus back in our lives. Just imagine , this will be one time in history to be reunited with Him for the Eternity , never to return.I would be with God , in God's Service.We have a Hell to lose , Heaven to gain.Be with God.We have to choose Jesus everyday.His love is a little tough love.Day of God is coming.Books of Records in Heaven are waiting for us.
I have struck an alliance with the God.Time is melting like snowflakes.God is my love - interest.God's ways are different.God is the Mighty Force behind Biblical truth & wisdom.I have to enforce the will of the God under God's Holy Insight , guarded by the Holy Angels & the Holy spirit , in compliance with God's will.It's an overwhelming experience for me.A very dramatic moment.A beautiful day is waiting for me. I have to fight for the truth , for validating God's preachings.It's God's will. My personal connect with God is Strong & Powerful.I have forged a great partnership , an alliance with God's will.
It's a season of Repentance & Healing , blessed by loving God , under God's loving Discipline.I can sense the Majestic & Regal Pageantry of God's kingdom , Authored by God , Enacted by God & Created by God.I value & admire It's Opulence , it's unspeakable Beauty & Grandeur.It's my dream job.Miracle is happening right now .I am ready to take it to its rightful conclusion.I have to walk a very very fine line between life & death.It's extremely satisfying.It's most valuable & lucrative deal.Losing life for the sake of Jesus' blood , that I witnessed sprinkled around the Miraculous Jesus' Image. I have to keep my unflinching Faith with the Lord intact.I can sense a distinct sense of deja vu.Rousing words of Sacred Bible are guiding me.My passions are inflamed.Moment is immaculate.This Momentous moment is adorned with Magnetic & Majestic Allurements.It's a panoramic vision for me.We have to resurrect the Jesus Christ.Fire is igniting in my heart.It's the time now.God's pious love has become my fate now.For me clock is ticking fast , the clock Heavens have set.Dearest Lord Himself has descended down from the Heavens with a shout , with the voice of Archangel and with the trumpet of God.It's a fascinating & spectacular event.Moment is dynamic.God's immense power is on display.Treasure - trove of God's love is right here.Treasures of this transitory world pales in value & worth before it.I am ready to dig deep for God's love.It's a question of showing Might & Muscle of God to show to the world so that everyone could perceive the Magical Spectacle. I have to bring star - studded Heavenly Firmament to our world.Mere prospects of it is so real , so alive & so kicking. I am extremely excited about the immense & vast prospects. I am proud to be associated & affiliated with this incredible Heavenly Find.It has cast a spell of magic on me. It's alluring me , it has enamored me. I am standing at the threshold of finding God's love & mercy.Embodiment of Good & virtue is peeping me in my face.Personification of God's love is right here .It just has to be taken out from behind the curtains.It's a Holy Campaign.I can hear spirits singing heavenly sermons & Psalms praising God's Glory & munificence in Ecstasy & God's beautiful & sweet rapture.
What Mighty Design wants me to do? It has Evangelized & Baptized me.Evidence is crystal clear.Prophecies of Sacred Bible are written history.They make sense , Marble is shifting.Moment is perfect , Moment is nice , showcasing God's immense benedictions.
My mind has been hacked & controlled by the Benign God. I am madly in love with Lovable God.It's a sanguine engagement.It's a Holy engagement , a Solemn Pledge guided by mantra ' Sarvo Sukhanti Bhavante' - universal love , prosperity for all.Very Soon I am going to jump in the valley of Holy Fire.
I am so lost in God's Love , where it begins , where it ends , I don't know.From the very moment , I entered into God's Love Niche , my heart has become God's Abode & on this Heavenly God's Abode in my heart , I have to reside now blossoming like a bud in this Pious Garden of Love , Hope & Faith in Lovable God.
When I would be no more , I would appear in God's Rosy Incandescent Garden full of Heavenly Sweet Fragrance.In the light of tears , I am hearing a Magical & Melodious Sound on the refreshing path of my last Holy Pilgrimage.Right there I would encounter my fate.My heart is flooded with Love of God.Emotions are so Profound , so Holy , my emotions have sanctified me.My heart is dancing like a little pretty doe out of God's Love , singing Hymns & Prayers Eulogizing my God's munificence & Opulence.
Heart is a Heart.What to do , It has fallen in love of dear Jesus.It's redeemed now for Christ. I am spending sleepless nights , whatever would be the outcome of my love.My life has underwent a paradigm shift for good.God has cast a heavy burden on my fragile shoulders.I have to perform a Herculean Task.I am sensing that God is goading , guiding , helping me every step of the way.Best of human spirits have entered my heart.I am rejoicing in God's Pure Love.I am in Heavenly Embrace of God's Love.God's Love is my Reward.I value & cherish it deeply.God's Love has put tremendous spring in my strides.It's an opportunity , God provides to a select few.It's our collective responsibility for the sake of God's love.Tapesry of God's Beautiful Vision is calling me , orchestrated by God Himself.It's a wonderful joy ride. I am all for it.Foundations of a new Beautiful World have to be laid.God's Receptivity & Warmth have enveloped me.It's a Giant Leap , Animated , Effervescent & Earnest in nature to be in God's Perfect Rapture.God is Pure Love.He nurtures & nurses love.He is Absolute Love in all his ways.God is Righteous.God is Just.He is Adorable & Venerable.We glow & flourish in His Splendid Love & Mercy.Joyful Abandonment has completely enshrouded me.Holy Spirit is guiding me.It's a sumptuous feast.It's so personalized , so humbling experience in the Beautiful Backdrop of God's Soothing Shelter.Emergence of God's Love has absorbed me absolutely.I am striving for presenting to the world the Empirical , Physical & Potent Evidences of God's Omnipresence , Infinite Power& Capabilities.God is flawless , with no blemishes & infirmities.He is Pure , a 100 percent.
Perfect Moment has come for restoring the honor & integrity of Jesus Christ's Pious & Sacrosanct Promise of Second Coming.My mission is to truly restore the Primacy of God in our lives. I require God's Comprehensive & Complete Mercy & Prayers of Righteous Ones.
I implore you in the name of God to wait for 7 days at least before my Holy Quest appears in the realms of public domain as it would take me some days to accomplish & complete my Holy Quest.It won't be a good idea that Security Forces get alerted in advance.I won't come back until I succeed in returning Jesus to the world & the whole world would know of it.If I could not do it , then please pray for my soul.My sacrifice for the worthy & noble cause should not go waste.
Nevertheless I am fully convinced & a 100 percent confident that Almighty God Himself has Chosen this Perfect Moment to be a Moment of Truth for all of the Humanity.
God's Science is Supreme & Magnificent.All Powerful God has Carefully & Meticulously Crafted & Enacted this Unique Magic Moment.All the pearls lay beautifully ensconced in the Pious Chain of Events.One moment leads to another.This Perfectly Shining Moment has been Carefully Calculated & Thoughtfully Calibrated by our Kind God.Things have reached their Boiling Point & Magnificent Climax.God's Immense Benevolence & Kindness is showering Miraculous Benedictions on us filling our hearts with Pure Love for dear God & His Favorite son Jesus Christ.
My adventurous pilgrimage , driven by my unabiding faith in God's Love & Compassion , to the Holiest & Most Important Holy Shrine would prove to be a Great Milestone for Greater Common Good & prove to be a turning point in strengthening & cementing our faith & trust in the munificence of our Kind & Just God.Our love for God is our common denominator.Stepping out from Darkness to the Incandescent & Luminous Light of Knowledge & Wisdom. Something that took long time coming.Our future seems to be so Beautifully & Distinctively Perfectly Carved , Shaped & Brushed by our Benign God.
To be left is a terrible thing.God is talking to me , arousing in me a renewed excitement for reaping the Golden Harvest.Moment of Grand Final Call has come.Are we ready to receive Him ?

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