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[paragui-dev] ASC 2.0 released - using ParaGUI

From: Martin Bickel
Subject: [paragui-dev] ASC 2.0 released - using ParaGUI
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 20:02:56 +0200


after a long development, we have finally released Advanced Strategic
Command 2.0

The biggest change from the ASC 1.x series is that we have completely
rewritten the GUI - and are using ParaGUI for it!
In my opinion, ParaGUI is still the best GUI Framework available for 2D
SDL applications and want to say a big thank you to Alexander and all
who contributed to ParaGUI. It was a big benefit to use such a good GUI
To sad that there is no 'demand' for sophisticated 2D SDL Frameworks,
with everybody moving to OpenGL and 3D graphics.

We have branched the ParaGUI source last year and now deliver it with
ASC ourself. It has been slightly extended and carries some
ASC-specific modifications. 

You can find ASC at
(the screenshots on that page still show the old ASC 1.x series)

Best Regards,

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