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Re: [Phpprintipp] Keep various documents on the same printer within a pr

From: Thomas HARDING
Subject: Re: [Phpprintipp] Keep various documents on the same printer within a printer pool
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 23:09:46 +0200
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Le 26/09/2013 12:19, Markus Klein a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
Hi! :)
> I've set up a printing environment with two printers being load balanced 
> behind one printer pool URI for a webshop.
> Within one webshop order, we use the PHP::PRINT::IPP class to create 
> several documents and address labels, each from different trays, which 
> works fine with each having its own print job, as long as there's only 
> *one* printer.
> Now the challenge is: How do I make sure in a load balanced multi 
> printer environment shared under the same URI, that all the documents 
> from the various trays, that belong together for a webshop order, come 
> out of the SAME physical printer?
I see what you want, but even if "fidelity" attribute is set and /can't
remain if exists but I remain something related in the various RFC's I
red/ an "issue-only-from-one-printer-of-the-pool-please",

*that would be peculiar to your server settings to follow what is asked*
(most of are Brittons servers). I born in Brittany ;p

You'll find the related RFC list at top of each class file. Also the
CUPS class adds some of specific CUPS server stuff, while somewhat
outdated (around 2006/2010).

PHP::PRINT::IPP is modeled after the standards IPP/1.1 RFCs, to issue a
convenient communication with an IPP server. That's just a facility
toolbox library, offering standards operations (RFC2911 and relateds)
/and/ *most of* IPP1/1 attributes.

That's beyond the scope of that PHP classes to determinate attributes
lists/values bunches to issue : that's left up to the developper
(although for common operations -- and dummies -- it offers a relatively
good preset).

Also I seek for a new maintainer for years...

But you know all that ;)

Best regards,

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