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[Protux-support] Protux / libmustux 0.16.0 are out

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: [Protux-support] Protux / libmustux 0.16.0 are out
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 19:58:14 -0200
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This is the step 1 of 3 for the next major release (0.20.0) . Surely many bugs 
will appear
in 0.16.0 release, but they will be fixed in 0.16.1 , 0.16.2 , and so on..

Although it is just a reference point in protux development, 0.16.0 is pretty 
stable ( except recording
process that is pretty buggy, and is one of main concerns in 0.17 series..), so 
if you guys want to promote
it a little, I suggest to offer some binary package (maybe contacting Mandrake 
team ?)


Best Regards

Luciano Giordana - Musician - Certified Java/GNU C++ Developer - Free Software 
Project Mustux -
-- Once Palladium is up and running , I will become a hacker --

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