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[Protux-support] Effects menu?

From: Stian Hole
Subject: [Protux-support] Effects menu?
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:24:44 +0000
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Since I am new to this list, let me begin with introducing myself. My name is 
Stian Hole, and I've been working with music in MS Windows for over half a 
decade and now I am exploring the possibilities in Linux. I got a couple of 
errors when trying to compile Protux, but it was nothing the FAQ couldn't fix 

Anyways, I was looking at the screenshots on the website and was wondering how 
I can use those envelopes and bring up that filter controller menu? ( ) I couldn't find 
anything helpfull in the internal help document, nor on the website.

Best regards / Med vennlig hilsen,

Stian Hole

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