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Re: How competent are the PSPP developers?

From: Michael Kiefte
Subject: Re: How competent are the PSPP developers?
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 00:28:13 -0400
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On Thursday 11 November 2004 23:47, John Darrington wrote:
> Well of the 4 developers, the most competent is pjk, whose work has to be
> re-done on average 58 days later.   Mkiefte comes in second with a score of
> 32 days. Blp's work needs attention 28 days later, and jmd is the most
> incompetent developer.  His work needs fixing 26 days later.

The problem here is that the jmd, who is the most incompetent developer, is 
doing the stats, but programmed ONEWAY, which means they're obviously 
incorrect and therefore jmd is the most competent developer.

In other news, I'm still around and listening to the conversations going back 
and forth.  I'm not a real programmer, so I can't really comment on those 
issues.  However, the last thing I was doing was NPAR TESTS, but I got 
stalled.  Does anyone remember why?  I think you were doing something, Ben, 
that prevented me from continuing, but I'm foggy on what that was.

Oh, yes, now I remember, it had something to do with sorting columns of data 
independently of one another so I could do the unrelated nonparametric tests.   
Something like that.  It might be low on your list of priorities given the 
recent discussion.

Sorry, I've been extremely busy lately, and, in fact, I'm going to be away for 
the next couple of weeks anyway.

- Michael.

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