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SPSS version 12 file format

From: Rob Messer
Subject: SPSS version 12 file format
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 21:48:06 -0800
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Hello. My company has been using PSPP for our clients who want to turn online survey data into an SPSS format file. Basically we just output a syntax file containing all the data plus "SAVE OUTFILE" at the end and run that through PSPP to create the .sav file. This generally works pretty well, although for very large files we've had a few problems.

Anyway, several of our clients have now upgraded to SPSS v12 or v13, and they want to use the long variable names that don't exist in the older formats. So, I was wondering if anybody wanted to take on a project to update PSPP to output in the new file format. We would pay for this of course, and presumably this work would also help move PSPP development forward.

There is one problem -- the SPSS v12 format is not published that I know of, it would probably have to be reverse engineered unless somebody can find that file format somehow. It may not be that much different from the old format except for the long variable names, I'm not sure. The time to figure out the file format would just have to be factored into the cost.

In addition we might also be willing to pay for somebody to code a direct SPSS output file routine. We are using perl to extract the data, and it would be convenient to just output the file directly instead of creating the syntax file and converting that to the .sav file.

So if anyone on this list is interested or at least wants to talk about it please get in touch. Thank you,

Rob Messer
IntelliSurvey, Inc.

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