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Re: Membership request for group PSPP

From: P.C.J.G. Brunier
Subject: Re: Membership request for group PSPP
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 23:49:39 +0100
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Hi Ben (and all the others),

I've read your list and it looks reasonable.
I will try to complete it this weekend.

Because I'm a total noob concerning PSPP I will aks some stupid question
once in a while. But I'm a fast learner ;)
I'm already subscribed to address@hidden


Ben Pfaff wrote:

address@hidden writes:

I would like to volunteer for the job of

I'm allready a GNU/FSF webmaster.

Thanks a lot, Patrick.  I added you to the Savannah project.

Here is my current TODO list for the webpage.  Does anyone else
have anything to add to it, or comments?

Patrick, is this a reasonable list?  Feel free to ask for
clarification if anything doesn't make sense.

Needed for the webpage:

* Point to the savannah page.

* Suggest using the CVS version from savannah to get the latest
  features and bug fixes.

* Point to address@hidden and address@hidden, instead of to

* FAQ: delete mention of obsolete, sites.  Delete "author" section.  Get rid of
  texi2html "node" lines.  Update info on mailing list to point to the
  mailman webpage for pspp-dev instead of to pspp-dev-request.

* NEWS: Add a note that the latest version is actually in CVS and that
  this NEWS file only covers the latest *released* version.

* Manual: Needs to be updated from CVS.

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