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Re: Logo prototype

From: Jaap-Andre de Hoop
Subject: Re: Logo prototype
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:22:00 +0100

At 07:16 18-01-2005, you wrote:
I originally wanted to modify your pspp3.png, but in the end I
turned the letters vertically based on your original design:
Comments?  (Well, I know already that Dr. Lisse will not like

my 2 cents:
The logo of the url above: What makes it different form another GNU-project. I think to much attention is paid to the GNU part.

I prefer with a few 'improvements'.
-put gnu vertically in a bigger font
-put at the blue 'bar' at the bottom (horizontaly)
-gray is not a very attractive color: red? , but don't know whether the contrast in grayscale is good enough.

(integrate pspp (0.3) with open source webquestionnaire program: (at this moment only systemfile creation)).

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