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Re: pspp 0.04, users, datafile

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: pspp 0.04, users, datafile
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 22:55:44 -0800
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Jaap-Andre de Hoop <address@hidden> writes:

> Altough I am not a developer I subscribed to this list, because there
> seems no user-list and I want to stay informed about PSPP. 

That's fine.  You're welcome to ask your questions here.

I'm happy to hear that you find PSPP useful.

> I think one disadvantage of the pspp project is that little attention
> is given to the user information:
> ChangeLog is a very technical changelog, not very usefull for 'ordinary' 
> users.
> I understood that an new version of pspp is coming 'soon'. I wonder if
> there is an overview of the new features/new supported syntax.

Before we release the next version, we will update the NEWS
file, which is more user friendly.

> Road map on what functionality are we concentrating in the near future
> (system file that now is comparable with spss 6?, addition with
> variable width commando (spss10?))

I'm not sure what you mean regarding system files.  As far as I
know, we're compatible with all SPSS system files, excluding SPSS
12 system files with long file names.  I would like to add
support for those, too.

What do you mean by "addition with variable width commando"?

I am happy to add features that our users want to use.  If you
can tell me more about these, then I will consider them as higher
priorities than otherwise.
"MONO - Monochrome Emulation
 This field is used to store your favorite bit."
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