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If I can be helpfull

From: M S
Subject: If I can be helpfull
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 20:07:33 -0500
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To PSPP project manager,

I am looking for a volunteer position in computer science area for software development. My programming ability is academic only. I found your project interesting and I thought I might be helpful. My objectives for volunteer work are as follow: 1 - not to forget what I learned in university, 2 - to help gnu which its philosophy is part of my social philosophy. If I find that I am helpful to your project, and the project can help me, I can contribute up to 20 hours. But I like to begin with much less to evaluate my progress - to see if I can go with the flow.

My academic skills are as follow: 1 - two semesters of C (windows platform), 2 - three semesters of data structure in C++ (Unix platform but limited use of gcc and gdb, no CVS, no serious use of 'make' ), 4 - one semester of numerical analysis, 5 - some statistics and probability courses (limited to basic econometrics and linear regression analysis). Generally, I feel I am in the mode of forgetting them all as I never was in a situation to use them since graduation (Jan 2003). I only coded limited PHP and MySQL for personal use. I was never very good in statistics (or probability), but I like it because of its amazing results (providing some grounds for better judgment). My interest is to get involved in coding. However, I have no idea how a rookie programmer can be helpful with PSPP.

If you think I can be helpful, let me know what do you expect from me. Otherwise, thanks for your consideration.


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