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Re: Directory restructuring

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Directory restructuring
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 16:32:52 +0800
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On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 05:20:21PM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
     I'd propose that, when you get to someplace you think makes sense
     to some extent (whether it compiles and links or not), you post a
     .tar.gz of it somewhere and we can discuss it.  It's such a pain
     dealing with major changes in a CVS tree that it'd be a shame to
     have to make major changes more than once.

First iteration is in

I've more of less followed what you suggested.  The following issues exist:

1. I left src/data as one directory instead of src/data and src/data-io  no 
particular reason except that it seemed an unecessary distinction.

2. The files which I've left in src are those which are currently in the "too 
   basket.  This means: 

        error.c : Should really be in libpspp, but it has too many 
                  IMHO this interface needs to be rethought anyway.

        main.[ch]: I don't know why we need a main.h ?

        glob.[ch]: This seems to be the rubbish bin for things that don't fit 

        getl.c:    This is just a pain, which keeps biting me whenever I kick 

        vfm* :     You suggested this ought to go into data.  It certainly 
can't go 
                   there in its current form.  It just depends on too many 
                   The code in there frightens me ....

3.  The dependency diagram shows a couple of nasty circular
    dependencies involving src/math, src/output and src/output/chart.  I
    need to look at these.  It seems clear to me that the charting API
    needs work.

4.  linked-list.* was unused so I deleted them.

5.  You suggested title.c and temporary.c go in
    src/language/dictionary  .  This didn't make sense to me, so I've
    put them in src/language/utilities and src/language/control

6.  src/output depends on src/language which seems wrong to me.  In
    fact src/language/ contains only command.* and it's a very common
    dependency, so perhaps this needs to be split or something.

7.  I renamed error.h to pspp-error.h because it was conflicting with
    error.h from gnulib  

8.  I few files have been split where I thought it was necessary and
    trivial to do so. 

9.  I haven't looked at lib/linreg at all.

10. src/output is depending on src/data which seems wrong.  I think
    this is because the ascii driver needs a filename or something.

11. Although it has a similar name, dfm-* is a quite different thing
    to sfm-* and pfm-*, and dfm-* has a lot of other dependencies.  So
    I've put it in language/data-io which seems to work ok.

I think the most urgent issues are to sort out the remaining files in
src (especially vfm*) and to sort out the output/chart business.  I'm
sure we'll have to go several more iterations, but it's a start.


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