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ChangeLog formats

From: Jason Stover
Subject: ChangeLog formats
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 22:17:16 -0400
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I've been adding ChangeLog entries with (add-change-log-entry)
in emacs. I noticed that my version of emacs (a development
checkout from a couple of months ago) has this format:

         2006-04-04  Jason Stover  <address@hidden>

whereas John and Ben's have this format:

        Mon Mar 27 16:00:42 2006  Ben Pfaff  <address@hidden>

I noticed that my version of emacs has a function (change-log-redate),
which will change the latter format above (which it calls the 'old-style
date entries') into the first format. 

I prefer one format over the other, but I would like to use the
'right' one. So which is 'right'? And if it the 'old-style' is right,
how can I get emacs to use it instead of the newer format?


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