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From: Jason Stover
Subject: case_data_rw()
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:28:44 -0400
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I successfully created a variable called residuals with
dict_create_var_assert (default_dict, "residuals", 0). I'm
having trouble putting any values in the active file, though,
and I want to make sure I'm using case_data_rw () correctly:

      union value *w_val;
      w_val = case_data_rw (&c, residuals->fv);
      w_val->f = (*lc->residual) (v_variables, vals, obs, lc, n_variables);

Should that last line assign the value returned by (*lc->residual) (...)  
to the value in the current case c? The LIST command shows
nothing but missing values for the new variable. And gdb doesn't
follow the program in the casereading loop, so it's hard to see what's
going on. (But I can see *lc->residual returns the correct doubles.)


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