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math routines

From: Brad Morantz
Subject: math routines
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 14:28:59 -0700

Dear PSPP dev staff

I am a mathematical scientist, and have used SPSS and am capable of writing some of the math routines for this package.  I do my work in Fortran, as I am a mathematician not a programmer (as major focus).  This offers the advantage of utilizing multi-processors when available, if compiled on a multi-processor computer.  I use either g95 or the intel compiler.  Because of the matrix commands, this takes the accent off the programming and onto the math.  I do not program in C or C++

If you are interested, please advise.

I can not start anything instantly as I have several articles and other stuff in process, but it is something that I could put into my calendar.



Brad Morantz PhD

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