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Regarding helping out for PSPP also model checking packages

From: Avinash Malik
Subject: Regarding helping out for PSPP also model checking packages
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 14:22:42 +1300

        I wanted to help out in the development of PSPP. Although I am not a Statistician, I am a computer engineer (Phd student) and am involved in developing Formal languages and operating systems for embedded system. From reading the website and going through the FAQ I still have a question? Besides statistical analysis does this platform also support( plan to support) model-checking features for languages. Although not strictly a statistical tool model-checking is very important tool to guarantee that certain properties of designed systems would be met. I design safety critical systems like brakes, air-bags etc.. which need to work when time comes. Thus mathematical analysis and checking becomes important.
       I wanted to know that if I write a subroutine for model-checking languages would it have any chance of being included or am I knocking on the wrong door altogether. If it has no chance i would still like to contribute but since I am not a Statistician could you suggest a source which you guys particularly utilise to get the formulas to be implemented etc...


Avi Malik
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