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Ming cross compile patch.

From: John Darrington
Subject: Ming cross compile patch.
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 20:49:37 +0900
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I've not been following the discussions very closely, as I'm currently
connecting every few days at Internet cafes, and hacking at nights on
my laptop.  So if this pre-empts or conflicts with someone else's
work, then feel free to ignore it.

However, this patch seems to do all that is required to allow a clean
mingw32 cross compile, for both pspp and psppire.  Some parts of it
are not ideal, but a step in the right direction I believe.

Some comments on the individual changes:

src/language/lexer/ : Not ideal.  Assumes that cc is a
native compiler on the build machine.  Should be true in most cases.

src/language/lexer/q2c.c : config.h should not be included here,
because it contains parameters describing the host, not the build
machine.  exit.h appears to be something that used to be provided by
gnulib, but is no longer.

src/libpspp/i18n.c : It seems that iconv on mingw32 correctly takes a
const char ** as it's second argument, whereas on i386 it incorrectly
takes a non-const version.  I've changed i18n.c to suit the correct
implementation. It'll provoke a warning on incorrect ones.

src/output/dummy-chart.c : Avoids compiler warnings.

src/ui/gui/var-sheet.c : Something better than this needs to be done
in the longer term.  For now, this will suffice, at the cost of
internationalisation problems on those targets where nl_langinfo is
not available.


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