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Re: Using "-O1 -g" to debug optimisation bugs in Mingw.

From: John McCabe-Dansted
Subject: Re: Using "-O1 -g" to debug optimisation bugs in Mingw.
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 13:49:49 +0800

In the future, please use "diff -c" or "diff -u" so that patches
are easier to read and safe(r) to apply automatically.


adds an assert that may or may not trap so windows related bug.
This looks OK to me.  jmd: OK with you?


Are you willing to sign copyright papers for PSPP?  I think we
will need to have them before we can accept anything as big as
this.  If so, I can send you the information to get started right
now, so that everything will be ready by the time you're pleased
with your work.


What additional icons does Windows want?

Windows likes an .ico to be linked into the executable. This .ico file
actually contains a number of different icons, each for a different
colour depth and resolution so that windows can pick the appropriate
icon based upon the version of windows, the colour depth of the screen
and the desired size of the icon. We use this icon for viewing the
.exe file, for the start menu link and for the task bar (I think).

This icon should really be tested on both Windows 2000 and XP they are
different (I think XP allows icons to have partially transparent
pixels), although if the icon doesn't work correctly it shouldn't
cause any problems other than a bit of uglyness.

It seems that the best way to make such an .ico file is to use the
GIMP which treats each subicon as a different layer. This is a little
clumsy since you only want to have one layer visible at a time.
However the GIMP seems to allow you to create .ico files that support
the new XP features, which the other open source options (e.g.
png2ico) do not seem to do. Plus GIMP is ubiquitous, and has a GUI if
that is your thing.

On 4/4/07, Ben Pfaff <address@hidden> wrote:
 Or perhaps we should decide to use core dumps or the new
2.6.recent Linux kernel feature of piping a core dump to an
arbitrary process (e.g. gdb) on a crash?


Probably not much use for debugging under wine. This difference was
just something I find useful, the majority of other users would
probably find my diff to main.c to be a regression.

Of course, if we can find a solution that is all round better, even
just for Linux, that is a good thing.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student
University of Western Australia

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