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Re: Psppire library files

From: John McCabe-Dansted
Subject: Re: Psppire library files
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 20:28:14 +0800

On 4/4/07, John Darrington <address@hidden> wrote:
It seems that your w32 version isn't doing this dynamic loading.
Hence it's crashing when these menu items are selected.

I think mingw defaults to create static libraries. It may be possible
to override this in ld.

I don't know why it's failing to load this library.  Perhaps it needs
a runtime parameter to be set? perhaps the library hasn't been
installed?   There's a thing called "dlltool" which comes with GNU
binutils and is used for creating DLL files, but I'm not too sure how
to use it.  Maybe you know ...

I already use dlltool to create psppire. I'll have a look. However I
am going away for Easter and an fairly busy at the moment.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student
University of Western Australia

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