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[patch #5873] Model checker and initial datasheet review

From: John Darrington
Subject: [patch #5873] Model checker and initial datasheet review
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 05:07:28 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, patch #5873 (project pspp):

Regarding the model checker, I haven't read the references you gave, but it
seems that it's important to realize that it's testing only the model, and
the 2nd implementation of it.  Errors in the real implementation will go
unchecked.  Could the 2nd implementation not be a wrapper around the 1st?

There's a typo on model-checker.h:90


mc_get_options, mc_get_results and mc_get_aux could take const arguments.

The 2nd arg of mc_run could also be const ?

In mc_options_set_hash_bits, from whence comes the number 31 ?  Should this
be higher on 64 bit machines?

I'm not sure about the portability of gettimeofday

The datasheet looks promising.  I hope it'll be able to displace much of the
code in lib/gtksheet and probably psppire-data-store.* and others.

It will be necessary for struct datasheet to have a whole bunch of user
specified callback functions which get called whenever something in the
datasheet changes.

Presumably struct casereader is a different animal to the structure that we
currently have with that identifier?

In datasheet_move_rows, the only thing the comments don't make clear is
whether or not the source and destination ranges are permitted to overlap.

in datasheet.c, where you have NDEBUG should this be replaced by DEBUGGING ?

The comment in the body of check_datasheet is not grammatically correct.


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