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GUI status

From: John Darrington
Subject: GUI status
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:47:07 +0800
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I've checked in a patch which I believe fixes the  outstanding
problems associated with running procedures from the GUI.  This now
obsoletes the replace_source and replace_dictionary callbacks in
procedure.c, so if it proves to be robust, then these callbacks can
be removed.

Some quirks I've noticed after running a procedure:

* A large number of gtk CRITICALS get logged.
* The datasheet doesn't automatically refresh.  You have to force the
  display to be redrawn (eg by switching to the variable sheet and
  back again).

Other than that, it should work OK.    Please file a bug report if you
notice otherwise.

I need to review the way that GtkSheet interacts with the datasheet
(which is currently overcomplicated), and then I need to get all the
items in the Edit menu working.  After that, I think the GUI will be
ready for general release.


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