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Re: bug release tags

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: bug release tags
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 08:48:44 +0800
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On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 08:31:50AM -0700, Ben Pfaff wrote:
     I added Release tags to all the bugs that didn't have them.
     These are just how I felt about a combination of their importance
     and the amount of difficulty in their implementation.  Feel free
     to change them.

That's 27 bugs with the "Before 0.6.0" tag.  We'll have to have a
debugging party.

On the subject of bugs/features vs. releases, the GUI is getting to
the stage where a line has to be drawn between what will and will not
be put into it before the next release.

Here's my list of features which I've been thinking about, roughly in
order of importance (as I see it).  I don't think that the next
release should wait until all these things are done.  The question is,
where should it occur?

* Investigate numerous Gtk CRITICALs.

* cut/paste/copy: This is not as trivial as it first seems.  I'd like
  to be able to cut-and-paste between psppire and gnumeric/openoffice,
  but also between instances of psppire, and NOT to lose precision
  when cut/pasting numeric data.

* Bug refreshing variable sheet on file reload.

* Buglet with the notebook popup menu (this is a Gtk bug as far as I
  can tell).

* The "Select Cases" dialog needs to be implemented.

* An indicator should be shown when a transformation is pending (this
  is implemented in patch #6068, any comments from anyone?)

* Confidence indicators (ie a "case counter") to run whilst performing
  procedures on very large data sets.

* Many of the existing dialogs need their "IF condition" button to be

* The Find feature.

* At least some sort of output viewable from the GUI, even if just an
  ascii rendering.

* When a filter is active, the filtered-out cases should be indicated
  as such in the data sheet.

* Dialogs for RANK, AGGREGATE, MERGE, AUTORECODE (this should probably
  be done at the same time as bug #18702), DESCRIPTIVES, REGRESSION,

* Context sensitive help.

* Printing.

Anyone care to suggest a suitable point for release? Or a better
ranking of the above list?


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