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Re: cross-compiling

From: Ed
Subject: Re: cross-compiling
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 04:13:02 +0100

Just a makefile is great so long as:
 - we all agree on library versions (i.e. we all have the same
libraries installed - almost never true)
 - all the library versions people installed that our program will
build against actually work (again not true, again they flood our
mailing list with subtle errors because they have some ancient broken
 - our C compilers agree on the standards they implement (increasingly
true, but still many edge cases)
and users are happy that:
 - the only warning they get is their build fails (good news, they can
mail us all to tell us the error message)
 - they're happy to edit a makefile to configure the program ("don't
want that package? no problem edit line 474 of src/foo/Makefile to
look more like this")

Actually, just a makefile isn't so great.


2008/6/26 Michel Boaventura <address@hidden>:
> Tanks a lot for the help. I will try it tomorrow. By the way, let me
> ask some advices.
> Im graduating on computer science, and all of my works on my disciplines where
> made to compile only using makefiles and nothing else. And my only tools where
> Vim, gcc and gdb.
> I saw that pspp is made with a lot of sofisticated tools, like
> ./configure and so on.
> My doubts are: What is the advantages of use it, and do not make just
> a makefile?
> Do you guys use some IDE to make pspp, and how do you manage all of those 
> tools?
> Thanks for the advices,
> Michel
> 2008/6/25 John Darrington <address@hidden>:
>> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 01:28:43PM -0300, Michel Boaventura wrote:
>>     Hello all,
>>     I'm trying to cross-compile pspp to run on windows, but i'm having some 
>> trouble.
>>     I've instaled mingw on my ubuntu, and then compile from source
>>     iconv,zlib and gsl
>>     with these arguments on configure:
>>     --prefix=/usr/local/i586-mingw32msvc/ --host=i586-mingw32msvc
>>     All of those work like a charm, and then I've tried to compile pspp,
>>     with the minimal requisites
>>     (--without-gui --without-libpq --without-libncurses
>>     --without-libplot), but it keep telling me that i dont
>>     have zlib neither libgsl. What im doing wrong?
>>     Look at the errors of configure:
>>     configure: WARNING: The following optional prerequisites are not 
>> installed.
>>     You may wish to install them to obtain additional functionality:
>>             zlib
>>             zlib
>>             libreadline (which may itself require libncurses or libtermcap)
>>     configure: error: The following required prerequisites are not installed.
>>     You must install them before PSPP can be built:
>>             libgslcblas
>>             libgsl (version 1.4 or later)
>> Assuming that your mingw32 std C library  is located in <xxx>
>> you will need to set the following environment variables:
>>  CFLAGS=-I<xxx>/include
>>  LDFLAGS=-L<xxx>/lib
>>  LD_LIBRARY_FLAGS=<xxx>/lib
>> If you're relying on pkg-config to find your mingw32 gsl library (or
>> anything else) then you will need to set  PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to the
>> place where the ming32 gsl.pc file is located.
>> Your --prefix argument is probably not what you wanted, this
>> is the location where PSPP will be installed (on the target).
>> After you've built PSPP, I find it best to do something like
>>  mkdir /tmp/pspp-target
>>  make install DESTDIR=/tmp/pspp-target
>>  cd /tmp/pspp-target
>>  tar -czf pspp-mingw.tar.gz .
>> Then you can copy the tarball to your target platform and install it
>> wherever you please.
>> Hope this helps.
>> J'
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