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Re: pspp-dev Digest, Vol 58, Issue 4

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: Re: pspp-dev Digest, Vol 58, Issue 4
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 21:09:29 -0300

Without editing Makefile, i get those undefined references:

undefined reference to  `__imp__regexec'
undefined reference to `__imp__regexec'
undefined reference to `__imp__regfree'
undefined reference to `__imp__regcomp'
undefined reference to `__imp__regerror'
undefined reference to `__imp__regerror'

2008/10/4 Ben Pfaff <address@hidden>:
> "Michel Boaventura" <address@hidden> writes:
>> I was able to compile version 0.6.1-rc2 on mingw and windows xp.
>> The only problem that I found is that the Makefile doesn't link
>> with psppire, and
>> psppire.exe doesnt compile, complain about some missing references. To
>> make it work, I add the line:
>>     /mingw/lib/ \
>> on the begining of:
>> am_src_ui_gui_psppire_OBJECTS =  \
>> and it compiled. But I think that it's a problem of mingw, and not of pspp.
> Without doing this, what symbols in libregex does the linker
> complain about?  Probably, if we know what symbols to look for,
> we can make sure that we link against libregex if it is
> necessary.
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