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possible workarounds for mingw setup

From: unknown-1
Subject: possible workarounds for mingw setup
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 09:14:38 +0200

Hi Michel,
>The first is to fix the problem of it only works if unpacked on C:\msys,
A partial work around could be if the installer patches the drive character in the installation. So an end user can, at install time, decide wether it is C:\msys D:\msys etc. Still no solution for networks etc, but it might work for a lot of users. (I didn't check this!)

>and the other, witch isn't really a problem but it's annoying, is an way to
>disappear with the ugly cmd.exe window that opens with psppire.exe.
A work around might be to create a psppire.bat file which starts psppire.exe. When you create a shortcut to this psppire.bat and change the propertie to start the psppire.exe minimized, it is still ughly, but much less annoying.

Have fun

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