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hash locate_matching_entry()

From: Jason Stover
Subject: hash locate_matching_entry()
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 10:25:19 -0400
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I'm having some trouble getting a matching entry in my
hash table. It looks like the problem is here:

/* Locates an entry matching TARGET.  Returns the index for the
   entry, if found, or the index of an empty entry that indicates
   where TARGET should go, otherwise. */
static inline unsigned
locate_matching_entry (struct hsh_table *h, const void *target)
  unsigned i = h->hash (target, h->aux);

  assert (h->hash_ordered);
  for (;;)
      void *entry;
      i &= h->size - 1;
      entry = h->entries[i];
      if (entry == NULL || !h->compare (entry, target, h->aux))
      return i;

In my code, h->compare (entry, target, h->aux) returns 1 when
entry and target match. So I would think locate_matching_entry()
should return i, but it doesn't because of the !h->compare (...).
Should this line be:

      if (entry == NULL || h->compare (entry, target, h->aux))



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