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News about pspp for windows

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: News about pspp for windows
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 13:33:13 -0300

Hello guys,

I just compiled the version 0.6.1 of pspp, and for the first time it
has compiled without any problem at all. Thanks for the great job :D

Me and unknown-1 have found some issues that maybe can be fixed for you.
When you try to run psppire.exe, it complains about a missing
libpsppire.dll, but the make compile libpsppire-0.dll.
If we rename libpsppire to libpsppire-0 it complains to :D
Seems like we need to keep both dlls, so we just copy and rename.

Another issue is that psppire write files in the current directory.
This isn't good on windows, because usually a program stay on
c:\program files, witch isn't writable by default. So for windows we
need to tell psppire to write on a temporary folder.

The last issue is that we can tell psppire to open a file on a command
line. Because of this, we can associate the .sav files with psppire,
cause windows try to run "psppire.exe file.sav" and it doesn't work.

And with the --enable-realocate the problem with where psppire
searches for glade files still exists.
Unknown-1 solve this with a smart solution. He edits the binary and
change all "C:\msys\..." to "././././././glade". It works great :D



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