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Re: Help in translation

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Help in translation
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 01:24:08 +0800
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Thanks for your offer to help.  We would certainly appreciate help 
translating PSPP to other languages.

I don't know if you have built PSPP from source, or if you have used
a prepared binary, or how familiar you are with building GNU/Linux
software in general.  Your level of experience, will probably affect
the the easiest way for you to get started. 

Currently we have only one localisation which "translates" strings
from American English into British English.  You can see the relevant
file at;a=blob;f=po/en_GB.po;h=0c13bd309b921cd8ce518e6ec58932fb1963d7d1;hb=HEAD

If you want to start an Italian translation, then it's a matter of
creating a file it.po and populating it with the translated strings.
There are a number of tools to help you do this.  You might want to
read the web page at for some ideas.

Finally, you need to be aware that if you want your translation to be
included as part of the official PSPP distribution then there are some
legal papers which you will need to sign.  Alternatively, your
translation can remain as a 3rd party "contribution" and be
distributed separately.

Good luck with your translation.   Please ask on the pspp-dev mailing
list if you need help.


On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 12:30:28PM +0200, Jacopo wrote:
> Hi, I'm an italian student of Political Sciences.
> I've installed PSPP and it left me without words! It got everything,  
> more than SPSS (and 200 bucks less) but i've noticed that all the  
> documentation and the program has no translations.
> I would like to help in this. For the translation of the doc there are  
> no problem 'cause i can send a mail everytime i translate a chapter, but  
> for the program, i don't know where are the file to modify and how to  
> modify.
> I use Cygwin.

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