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Update idea for PSPP

From: Alexander Tissen
Subject: Update idea for PSPP
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 10:34:49 +0100


I have great idea for update your software and would like get know what are you 
think about.

There's still NO software for Linux like that. Lot of users and company's world 
wide waiting for that software to can change from Windows/Vista to Linux! 

PSPP is perfect solutions! It's need just some special update. I have exactly 
vision about what you will need to change on your software to make it mach 
better as analogy software for Microsoft OS. 

So if you are interested in new product which will bring you real mach profit, 
let me please know that. I'm self very interested in cooperation with you and 
success of that software. I would like bring my know how, my experience, 
consulting, testing of that software, marketing in three languages: English, 
German, Russian and try to found funding if it will be need.

Kind regards,

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