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rewrite-sheet branch

From: John Darrington
Subject: rewrite-sheet branch
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 09:44:08 +0900
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Ben has kindly started building the rewrite-sheet branch. Tarballs are
available from

This branch, as it's name implies, involves rewriting large amounts of
the gtksheet object upon which the gui relies.  The result is that the
behaviour of variable and data sheet operations in the gui (such as
scrolling) should be much smoother, faster and give a generally more
pleasing experience (especially when dealing with extremely large
numbers of variables).

The branch is now at a stage where some feedback would be usefull, so
if you have the time please try it out.  Bear in mind that some
features have been temporarily disabled --- they will be added back as
and when ...  Things that I'm aware don't currently work include:

* Selecting ranges for cut-n-paste.
* Dragging column/rows for resizing.
* Double clicking on row/column buttons.

However, the features which are supported should work better than
before.  At some point I intend to merge this branch into master.  So
feedback along the way will be appreciated.


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