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Re: translations

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: translations
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 11:38:21 +0100

2009/1/26, John Darrington

    I am curieus, how do you generate the

I type  "make" and everything just works for me. 
Just editing the .po file with an editor and that is it? "make" generates and "make install" installs it? (At this moment I can't reach my installation an can't check whether "make" generates the file.)

 Are you sure there isn't some stray control character which has krept  into your LINGUAS file?

I am sure. The LINGUAS file is interpreted correctly and make is reacting on the changes I made. I also tried nl_NL with the same result. Tried above en_GB and below... same result.
If I copy, after using poEdit,  the po/ to po/ or use "msgfmt nl.po -o" and use "make install" the translations become visuable in my installation on openSUSE.   
BTW It seems the whole localization doesn't work on Cygwin. I have to investigate this further. If anybody has a hint about this.......
Have fun

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