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Re: problem with master branch

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: Re: problem with master branch
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:07:37 -0300

I've made an resume of my tests. I had found in what version the
problem starts, but I can't be sure, because some before versions
don't compile due to some missing file problem.

The problem message is: make: ./src/ui/gui/t-test.ui: Command not found

2dc9682362c99d9206ed6ed39c122c1504f28e33 - bad
8460ab652427b0a8e739840166d8f0cfdad29f34 - bad - problem
905ec939774f017a3e7108826d60c9c6072131c5 - bad - problem
c38762e6de6a20119033f6405f05472372ec7c5a - bad - problem
24a302ed4c0a7fbd52a4a549766c077f9e2bfe37 - bad - problem
7bc7a451768f00702e65a25d4a9bdd0b567f82ac - bad - problem
4a5214467725248b62062664ce6d7fab26e8517b - bad - problem
fc6ad15503e6318bfe92c29c884f7350947e21c1 - bad - problem
b48a20de787a6374000174949dcd8f9666ecc51c - bad - problem
deb4fd96c0c171fc8eb64f7f1e7f5c2af4931416 - good
8953baa61127d6d3b91f763663ea647bf3e4e793 - good
dff7c7a05e6da0de78544fa97c6882bd4a40d977 - good

I hope that will help us to find out the problem. Meanwhile I will
continue with my debug on source code.

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