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Re: fix for rename function on Mingw

From: Michel Boaventura
Subject: Re: fix for rename function on Mingw
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 18:17:46 -0500

Hello Ben,

>> How does MoveFileEx with MOVEFILE_REPLACE_EXISTING behave when
>> the destination file exists and is a hard link [1] to another file? Will
>> the other file see some changes? I.e. will the hard linked file be
>> overwritten, or will the hard link be broken (as on POSIX systems)?
> Michel, is there any chance that you could test this behavior?

On Windows there is no link as on linux. The link file on windows is
just a regular file with
the address of the original on it. So I don't know how to test it on windows.

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