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is /usr/lib*/ required for normal run of psppire?

From: Matej Cepl
Subject: is /usr/lib*/ required for normal run of psppire?
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 22:32:18 +0100
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I am not a C programmer (just maintaining Fedora package of pspp) 
so I am probably just confused. Please, take a look at and tell what 
you think. I thought that .so files are symlinks and useful only 
for development against the library ... Moreover, my 
/usr/lib*/lib*.so files are part of -devel packages on Fedora. On 
the top of that, I cannot reproduce the bug on my system. Does 
anybody have any idea? If yes, could you please comment to that 
bug, please?

Thanks a lot,

Matěj Cepl

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