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SPSS .spo files

From: michel
Subject: SPSS .spo files
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 22:27:15 -0300
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Do PSPP dev team has plans to incorporate on the new output system the
ability to open and save the SPSS output files(.spo)?

Seems like that on SPSS 16 and newer this file is obsolete and was replaced
by a new one, based on xml(.spv).

It will be great if PSPP could read both files, or just the last one, since
a xml file should be easier to read.

This is just a suggestion, since I really don't know how hard it will be,
and can't help with this.

The new output system is great. I've showed it to a lot of windows users
they are very happy with this. Good job guys!


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