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GNU PSPP 0.6.2 pre-release now available

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: GNU PSPP 0.6.2 pre-release now available
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 10:18:50 -0700
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A pre-release of PSPP 0.6.2 is now available at:

This will become 0.6.2 if I don't hear reports of new problems or
regressions within the next week or so.

Changes from 0.6.1 to 0.6.1-20090702:

  * Statistical bug fixes:

    - Report correct standard error of the estimate in REGRESSION
      output (bug #25677).

  * Build fixes and changes:

    - Make running "make" after running "configure" with different
      settings reliably rebuild version.c.

    - Cygwin and MinGW build fixes.

    - Fixes for building with recent gnulib.

    - The Makefile now honors two new variables, PSPP_LDFLAGS and
      PSPPIRE_LDFLAGS, that affect linking of the PSPP and PSPPIRE
      binaries, respectively.  This makes building easier for some

    - Fixes for "configure --enable-relocatable" (bug #25508).

  * Data file bug fixes and changes:

    - Fix reading text data files that contain a mix of white space
      and commas.  Now "a ,b" is treated as two fields containing "a"
      and "b"; previously it was treated as three, with an empty field
      in the middle.

    - Fix writing corrupted .sav files on Windows.

    - Fix writing corrupted .por files (bug #26034).

    - Fix reading .por files whose initial lines are not padded out
      with spaces as expected.

    - PSPP will no longer issue warnings about some .sav file records
      or values that it does not understand.  These warnings were
      harmless, but needlessly alarmed some users.

    - Fix crash reading empty string fields from PostgreSQL databases.

  * Bug fixes that affect PSPP and PSPPIRE:

    - Users may now control precision of output statistics.  Instead
      of hard coding the width and decimals of output numbers, respect
      the default format in most instances.  Counts are now normally
      displayed with the format of the weight variable, if any.

    - Fix crash when an INSERT command specifies the name of a file
      that does not exist (bug #24569).

    - Fix crash when CROSSTABS specifies a long-string variable (bug

    - Fix crash drawing pie charts with many segments.

    - Fix crash when NUMERIC specifies an invalid format.

  * PSPPIRE bug fixes and changes:

    - On Windows, write the output file to the user's home directory
      instead of the current directory, to better match user

    - Some data editor fixes.

  * Documentation:

    - Fix typo in BINOMIAL section of user manual (bug #25892).

"Because computer source code is an expressive means for the exchange
 of information and ideas about computer programming, we hold that it
 is protected by the First Amendment."
--Hon. Boyce F. Martin, Jr., for the 6th Circuit Court, Junger vs. Daley

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