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Re: Help on development

From: Umberto Guarnier Mignozzetti
Subject: Re: Help on development
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 16:50:29 -0300

My name is Umberto and I studied political scientist and I´m studying applied math and, at the same time, doing MA in pol. science in political methodology. I liked a lot the PSPP project and, if you need some help with some statistical functions, I´ll be happy to help you.
Umberto Mignozzetti
University of Sao Paulo

2009/9/1 michel <address@hidden>


I'm working on an idea with one of my teachers from my computer science
degree to make a task force to help pspp development.
There's already about 15 students willing to help on anything related with
the software.

But I want to guide the works, so that we can do useful things. Since Ben
is working on the output system,
I don't really know what we can do to help the software.

I'm thinking about make some improvement on graphical interface, and to
implement all the functions which exists
on syntax but not on window yet. Some of the students will help on
translation and documentation of pspp.

I hope this can really help the development of the software.

Do you have any tips or suggestions of specific things to do?

Thank you,


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