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command-line interface redesign

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: command-line interface redesign
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 21:33:56 -0800
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I've been redesigning the "pspp" program's command-line interface
to make more sense.  In particular:

        * I'm getting rid of the "devices" configuration file

        * To specify, say, HTML output to a file named foo.html,
          you would now invoke PSPP as "pspp -o foo.html".

        * If you don't give any options specifying an output file
          at all, you get plain-text output on stdout by default,
          instead of in "pspp.list".  (You can get it in
          pspp.list with "-o pspp.list".)

So far, most of the work I've done is revising documentation; I
haven't actually implemented this.  If you want to look at the
revised documentation, you can pull from
        git pull git:// output

At this point, before I go to the trouble of fully implementing
it, I'd like to hear some feedback on the idea.  I've never liked
the PSPP command-line interface; I think this is a lot better.
Ben Pfaff

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