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Problem with data input in psppire

From: Grzegorz A. Daszuta
Subject: Problem with data input in psppire
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 12:35:08 +0200
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I got the same problem in both test environments - vista (build fromĀ - 0.7.4-g360654) and gentoo/linux - today's checkout.
While inputing data in psppire I'm able to create only number of cases that fits in height in window, ie. I got 20-rows height window, and I'm able to create only 20 cases, until I right-click on case number and select 'insert case'. No way to add case at the end.
Let me know if you need some more info to replicate this bug.
Sorry for incoherent language, need some sleep:/

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