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plugin system for pspp

From: Andrés Necochea
Subject: plugin system for pspp
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 00:50:20 -0400

First sorry for the poor english.

I thinking that the inclusion of new statistical analisis in PSPP is slower than other software.

I think that the solution could be a plug-in system like open office, firefox and other free software,

in this way anyone could make a plug-in for include some statistical process without rebuilding the entire software and the developement could be faster. But the basic statistic could be maintained in the software architecture, for a better performance..

someone could create a repository with sets of plug-ins for specific areas like biolgy, sociology, mechanic, psicology, geography, etc.

An Idea for the plug-in behavior, this could be made for 4 text files:
- a definition for the SPSS sintax, could be definition.xml
- a script with the proces, could be writed in python, because is a easy language.
- a glade file for the gui
- an indication for the output

some ideas for make the plugin system could be taken for other software like RKward (a gui for R), that include a plugin system writed in PHP, XML and R language of course,

I read the release notes of SPSS, and it suport scripts in python, a good idea could be mantain the compatibility between SPSS and PSPP

I'm interested to colaborate with the project, but I have no time for now, I'm working in my tesis, and I'm a sociologist, I don't know C language. But I think that this should be a good Idea. And I would be grateful of you that you consider this feature.

Sorry I have a poor english and I use google traductor in some cases.

Amor y Paz
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