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Leak in casewriter.c

From: John Darrington
Subject: Leak in casewriter.c
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 16:12:13 +0000
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It seems that caseprotos aren't getting destroyed in certain circumstances.

I think this is the correct patch.  Ben do you concurr ?

diff --git a/src/data/casewriter.c b/src/data/casewriter.c
index f7760ec..7631d77 100644
--- a/src/data/casewriter.c
+++ b/src/data/casewriter.c
@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ casewriter_make_reader (struct casewriter *writer)
   struct casereader *reader = writer->class->convert_to_reader (writer, 
   taint_propagate (writer->taint, casereader_get_taint (reader));
+  caseproto_unref (writer->proto);
   taint_destroy (writer->taint);
   free (writer);
   return reader;

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