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Re: make check on mac

From: Jeremy Lavergne
Subject: Re: make check on mac
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 08:08:47 -0400

> In the logs that you sent I see a lot of lines similar to 
> /private/tmp/pspp-tst-3541/3546: No such file or directory
> I seem to remember this issue before on the Mac.  For some reason it 
> sometimes decides to prepend "/private" to canonical filenames. Hence the 
> test scripts don't find a file in its expected directory.
> Can you suggest how we should modify the test scripts to keep the Macs idea 
> of the filesystem?

/private is merely where your canonical folders alias to.  /etc goes to 
I suspect this is to allow swapping out what drive is mounted at /, something 
akin to chroot.

> Also, if you run "make install" and start pspp and/or psppire, does anything 
> obviously go wrong?

The program installs and runs fine as I can tell. I'm able to open up one of 
the subwindows that was alwasy a problem if libglade couldn't find the 0.6 
tree's libpspp (i think one is called descriptive analysis?).

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