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some progress on mac build problems

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: some progress on mac build problems
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 22:59:50 -0700
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I did a clean build of the same version of PSPP that you did, in
/tmp, using the login you lent me.  I saw the same problem that
you did: that command-line arguments with options cause

I experimented using printf()s to show the address of optarg from
various spots.  I discovered that &optarg is *different* from
different parts of the program.  (It's not just the difference
between optarg from libc and rpl_optarg from gnulib, either:
there are at least *three* different variables.)  I think that
this must have something to do with dynamic libraries and dynamic
linking: I tried reconfiguring with "--disable-shared" and that
took care of the problem.

(I actually did my experiments with the simpler tests program
tests/data/datasheet-test instead of src/ui/terminal/pspp.  The
former doesn't take quite as long to build.)

With --disable-shared, much of the testsuite passes.  It's not a
proper fix--we should figure out why the variable is
duplicated--but at least we're starting to track it down.
Ben Pfaff

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