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Contribution of procedures

From: Duane Currie
Subject: Contribution of procedures
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 16:23:45 -0300

Hi folks,

I work at a university in eastern Canada, where we're looking
at PSPP as a possible lower-cost alternative to SPSS for
our social sciences folks.  However, it doesn't quite yet
fit their needs for statistical procedures for courses just
yet (although for some, close).

My background is as a programmer, with a few years of
work in scientific and statistical computing, and am happy
to contribute procedures.

My questions:
    1.  Is there a list of procedures that people are requesting
         that can be (a) added to, and/or (b) assigned to someone
         to develop?

    2.  The instructions say to develop in C using gsl and such.
         Is it any more convenient for people integrating if I were
         to follow a stricter set of constraints that are used in the
         actual program?  (to reduce the amount of integration
         work for folks doing that)  If so, are these documented,
         or should I just regress it from the source code?


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