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From: John Darrington
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 10:20:18 +0000
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 dnl Skip the test if this host doesn't know the source and target encodings
   [case "$host" in
      *-*-linux* | *-*-*-gnu*)
        dnl GNU/Linux always has the encodings we want.  We can't ask
       dnl config.charset about them because it has a special case here
       dnl too and won't tell us.
        $SHELL $top_srcdir/gl/config.charset "$host" | grep '$2' || exit 77
        $SHELL $top_srcdir/gl/config.charset "$host" | grep '$3' || exit 77
   ], [0], [ignore])

Can we not test this with 

iconv -l | grep '$2' || exit 77
iconv -l | grep '$3' || exit 77


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